Monthly Archives: February 2014

A Break from the Ordinary

There is nothing like having a break from your ordinary routine—for me this break is quite literally a broken ankle and foot—to see things a little differently. My break happened with an unfortunate accident at my local fight sports gym during a wrestling class, and it required a trip to Mass General Hospital for some surgery. And with a mix of snow and required elevation I’m, for the most part, bound to the apartment for the first couple weeks after the injury.

This time has given me a chance to see my startup team step up and keep our company moving forward. They not only have taken on extra load during my unexpected absence but also have tried to make it more comfortable for me to get back into the work routine. This accommodation includes the group coming and setting up shop from my apartment on many days.

Having a work team that will stand by you through challenges seems uncommon in this world, and it took a break from the ordinary to appreciate just how lucky I am to have such a luxury.