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History’s Innovation from Creative Minds

Exploring Boston’s Freedom Trail continues to provide context for today’s innovation through a study of Benjamin Franklin’s early life.Benjamin Franklin

For creativity is the great leveler…It does not recognize the social categories that we impose on ourselves. – Richard Florida [1]

As one of America’s most celebrated minds, Benjamin Franklin embodied a dedication to scientific discovery and the artistic creativity necessary to produce dramatic innovation. Standing as a tribute to a lifetime dedicated to learning, a Ben Franklin statue was erected at the original spot of America’s oldest public school, the Boston Latin School, and sits as a landmark on Boston’s Freedom Trail (see ‘A Historic Start’). Ben Franklin never completed his studies at the Boston Latin School and at a young age moved from Boston, his home town, to Philadelphia for greater professional opportunity and personal independence. [2] Ben Franklin is an example of how social standing is a poor predictor of a person’s potential, but a young Franklin’s move from Boston also demonstrates how mobile these innovative minds can be.

Jason Freeman is the founder of Work of Start.

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