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A Storied History

Using the power of stories to form a better understanding of the work of start.

Boston Public Library Lion Memorial

Endowed with a rich collection of monuments recognizing historic events, places, and people, the city of Boston offers many significant and aesthetically pleasing things to see. Two pieces that I find particularly interesting are marble lion statues, perched on pedestals, in the Boston Public Library’s McKim Building. The twin statues, with the heads raised, sit as Civil War memorials to the Second and the Twentieth Massachusetts infantry regiments. Also commemorating the American Civil War and located in the library near the lion memorials was the exhibition, Torn in Two: 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, which was displayed from May through December 2011. Exhibit visitors were exposed to historic maps and offered personal stories of people that lived during the conflict. Reading these stories offered the chance to journey with individuals as they experienced the fighting, which I found affected my understanding in a different way than abstract appreciation for a beautiful monument. It seems as though this example of relating to the power of personal narrative can help guide the exploration of innovative starts.

Jason Freeman is the founder of Work of Start.